coming soon to a screen near you...

is my new blog! i am SO excited about this. no, i have not been neglecting you precious readers, just waiting to share all my recent news until the new bloggy is up. oh, and i have some BIG news. please stay tuned!



back from NYC! don't worry. i'll tell ya the whole story.


my recent obsessions

yes. i have been MIA for a while. but, I AM BACK. with a renewed zeal and fervor for blogging. if you have any specific topics you want me to cover, or any ideas for things you would like to read about, please do not hesitate to let me know! i'm all ears.

the following are my latest craves, loves, and desires. enjoy!

did someone say juliska??? i sure did! this charming china has stolen my heart. check out their website :http://www.juliska.com/ for some mouth watering fun. i want it all! in every color.

extra's new dessert gum is well, A DESSERT WRAPPED UP IN A STICK OF GUM! delish. it's a must try. my personal fave is key lime pie.

have you been wanting to smell delightfully yummy? i have the perfume for you. viva la juicy is the perfect choice, and is sure to please not only yourself, but everyone around you.

need to add a little rough and tough to your wardrobe? get a pair of combat boots! i am a proud owner of these fierce steve madden boots. you should get some too.

i am into all things high waisted this season. if you don't own a pair of high waisted pants, you need to.

i am getting older and my need for professional clothing is becoming greater. zara is a great place to find work appropriate clothes that have been juxtaposed with the latest fashion trends. too bad they don't have one in alabama.

want celebrity style waves? i have FINALLY found the answer. get yourself a clampless iron. i promise it will do the trick. if you don't want to spend a lot of money, go to ulta and get their clampless wand. 

thirsty??? me too! i am hooked on powerade zero. great thirst quencher with zero cals. who doesn't want that?

one of my favorite things about fall is football. its a staple. and yes, i love the TIDE.

it's good to be back. i think i'll stay awhile. hope to hear from you!

soli deo gloria.

song of the day: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Jr-2eyRtV4
this is to get you in the mood for my favorite holiday.