I knelt to pray but not for long,
                 I had too much to do.
                 I had to hurry and get to work
                 For bills would soon be due.
                 So I knelt and said a hurried prayer,
                 And jumped up off my knees.
                 My Christian duty was now done
                 My soul could rest at ease.
                 All day long I had no time
                 To spread a word of cheer.
                 No time to speak of Christ to friends,
                 They'd laugh at me I'd fear.
                 No time, no time, too much to do,
                 That was my constant cry,
                 No time to give to souls in need
                 But at last the time, the time to die.
                 I went before the Lord,
                 I came, I stood with downcast eyes.
                 For in his hands God held a book;
                 It was the book of life.
                 God looked into his book and said
                 "Your name I cannot find.
                 I once was going to write it down...
                 But never found the time"
                                                  Author Unknown


coming soon to a screen near you...

is my new blog! i am SO excited about this. no, i have not been neglecting you precious readers, just waiting to share all my recent news until the new bloggy is up. oh, and i have some BIG news. please stay tuned!



back from NYC! don't worry. i'll tell ya the whole story.


my recent obsessions

yes. i have been MIA for a while. but, I AM BACK. with a renewed zeal and fervor for blogging. if you have any specific topics you want me to cover, or any ideas for things you would like to read about, please do not hesitate to let me know! i'm all ears.

the following are my latest craves, loves, and desires. enjoy!

did someone say juliska??? i sure did! this charming china has stolen my heart. check out their website :http://www.juliska.com/ for some mouth watering fun. i want it all! in every color.

extra's new dessert gum is well, A DESSERT WRAPPED UP IN A STICK OF GUM! delish. it's a must try. my personal fave is key lime pie.

have you been wanting to smell delightfully yummy? i have the perfume for you. viva la juicy is the perfect choice, and is sure to please not only yourself, but everyone around you.

need to add a little rough and tough to your wardrobe? get a pair of combat boots! i am a proud owner of these fierce steve madden boots. you should get some too.

i am into all things high waisted this season. if you don't own a pair of high waisted pants, you need to.

i am getting older and my need for professional clothing is becoming greater. zara is a great place to find work appropriate clothes that have been juxtaposed with the latest fashion trends. too bad they don't have one in alabama.

want celebrity style waves? i have FINALLY found the answer. get yourself a clampless iron. i promise it will do the trick. if you don't want to spend a lot of money, go to ulta and get their clampless wand. 

thirsty??? me too! i am hooked on powerade zero. great thirst quencher with zero cals. who doesn't want that?

one of my favorite things about fall is football. its a staple. and yes, i love the TIDE.

it's good to be back. i think i'll stay awhile. hope to hear from you!

soli deo gloria.

song of the day: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Jr-2eyRtV4
this is to get you in the mood for my favorite holiday.


i can hear the bells

i LOVE hairspray. the show that is. come to think of it, i am pretty obsessed with the product as well (gotta keep the hair in place, people)! last night, i went to see my beautiful friend, jennifer, in tuscaloosa's production of hairspray. IT WAS FABULOUS. i will be singing all of the songs now for a few weeks. the boyfriend is super excited about that. ; )

jennifer was tammy. she did an outstanding job. i felt like a proud mother!

the girls

and my sweet baby

 my FAVE song from hairspray is "good morning baltimore", but since i've already posted it, i will leave you with my second love.


thought for the day

never focus on what you don't have. instead, focus on what you do have that you can give to others.


the lamb family

i adore my sweet family. from my precious dad to my kid brother, i have been blessed with a family that is far greater than i deserve. why don't you take a minute and meet them (minus the cute pops). here they are:


30 minute lifechanger

i have decided to embark on a new journey. the jillian michael's 30 day shred journey. you all need know that I love hate to workout! seriously, like despise it. but, i know that i really should be concerned with my health, so i am stepping out on a limb here. wanna know why i chose this particular workout dvd? BECAUSE IT'S ONLY A 30 MINUTE WORKOUT!! great results in 30 minutes? sign me up please!

in just 30 short days, i will be looking exactly like jillian. pretty awesome, huh? stay tuned for more information and updated progress reports.

soli deo gloria.

song of the day: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nS4giqtbRBM


you can get with this, or you can get with that

one of the biggest colors for this fall is GREEN! it's such a fun, warm, transition from summer kinna color. this means that you are going to need some skinny green cargo pants. trust me, you do. however, if you are like me, your budget doesn't include enough $$$ for these 200+ dollar j brand trend setters:
SO, you can get with this instead of that:

these fun pants are only $49.50 from delias. go get you some!

soli deo gloria.

song of the day: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kfJnqbudMzs


caution: read at your own risk

when i decided that my blog wouldn't just be about fashion, food, fab finds, and favorite things, but would include the Reason for my existence, i knew it could potentially garner some controversy or cause people not to read. why is Jesus so controversial? good question. He has been since the day He came to this earth over 2000 years ago. if we acknowledge that Jesus really is the Son of God, and that He is the only way to Heaven, we are excluding every other way that man has created to try and inherit eternal life. insert cricket noise. this view is far from popular and accepted. and i'm ok with that.

i would have been remiss in my blogging attempts if i failed to talk about the Creator of the Universe and His Son. like i said, its not what people want to read, it's not entertaining, and it's definitely not the cool thing to do, but do i care? not really. some people won't understand my heart very well because they don't know me. that's ok too. if you want to question something that i've said, challenge me, or simply offer your opinion, please feel free to do so. i try to make myself as clear as possible, but it is sometimes a futile attempt when communicating via a keyboard and words on a screen.

i am a flawed human being who is scratching and clawing out their way on this journey and learning new things on a daily basis by the grace of God. my heart is an open book, as you can see. i wish to share it with you knowing the risks that entails.

at this point in time, i am seeking employment at a non-profit organization, i.e. hannah home, turning point, the king's ranch, united way, etc. i need to know that i am making a direct impact every day and that in some small way, I am changing the world. no, it's not glamorous (and i love glamor), but as much as we have done  it unto the least of these, we have done it unto Him. and that's what's gonna count for eternity. if you know of any possible leads, ideas, or positions, please let me know.

maybe you can see where i am coming from a little better now. maybe not. and yes, i will continue to to talk about fashion, food, fab finds, and favorite things, but i wanted you to know where my ultimate treasure is, and know the Center of my focus.

let me hear from you. soli deo gloria.

song of the day: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=flm4xcOyiCo
so in love with this song. doesn't get any better than andy williams.


the face of Christ

i think most of us picture Jesus, as a clean, well-groomed, clothes nicely pressed kind of guy. i mean, He is after all, the Son of God. But the more I get to know the children of God, I am finding that maybe, just maybe, the face of Christ isn't as pristine as I thought.

 Jesus is manifested in the lives of believers all across the world. and a lot of those believers' faces aren't pretty. they are smudged with dirt and filth from the poverty infested lands that they inhabit-they are covered in sores and boils from the diseases that ravage their bodies-they are filled with pain and sorrow from the hardships that they are forced to endure-they are toothless and distorted from the lack of money for medical care-they are sad and lonely from the longing that they have to be loved. this, to me, is a more accurate depiction of the face of Christ.

my heart breaks as i realize how far off base i have been when thinking about my Savior. those gleaming, squeaky clean, million dollar faces are not at all what Jesus represented. He stood for the poor, the unlovely, the meek, the downcast, the rejected, the hurting people of the world. so why don't i?

my focus has been redirected. as i seek to become closer to Christ, i realize that i need to become closer to the people that He healed, comforted, and loved. i want my face to look like His.


kreme filled

the following post is going to be like a box of assorted doughnuts-some things you may like, some you may not. i am the essence of random, with likes an interests that range from normal to eccentric. this is ok with me. hopefully, you will find something that you enjoy.

i believe i have stated before that i am very much in love with the little m&m guys. they are absolutely adorable and thoroughly amuse me. so when i saw this little guy, i had to snap a quick photo!

while we are talking about candy, let me let you in on a little secret: boston baked beans are LEGIT! dude, i could eat several boxes. shhhhh, don't tell anyone. really, you should try them. like, now.
with fall just around the corner, i seem to be bombarded with emails about this season's latest trends. not that i mind this AT ALL, but it's slightly depressing when you can't afford to get it all. i think i may hold a fundraiser for a few items on my wishlist. :)

alabama football is right around the corner and i could not be more excited! i am so proud to not only be from the great state of alabama, but to be a graduate of THE university of alabama. as reigning national champs, we have a lot to live up to, but with nick saban on board, who can worry? we have the best of the best.

if you having been looking for a great lip product, i have finally discovered one that you will adore! my darling friend abi, shared this with me. it is fabulous. dior's lip glow will bring out the natural shade of your lips while leaving them silky smooth.

i am really struggling with patience right now. i feel like i'm at the foot of several mountains with all my gear in place, ready to begin climbing, but i don't know which mountain to choose. i want to pour my heart and soul into my career, knowing that i am making a difference in someone's life on a daily basis. am i off base in wanting to change the world? did God create us with a minimalist attitude? i think not.

i can't put God in a box, and I don't want to do that with myself either. my prayer is that i will continue to seek Him with my whole heart and that He will continue to enlarge my coasts.

also, i am learning what it means to be a true disciple of Christ. the error of my thoughts and ways are becoming so alarmingly clear. you must read david platt's book called radical. don't even start to come up with an excuse. it's cheap. you HAVE the time. go buy it now.

soli deo gloria.

song of the day: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h7M7cJ4DydQ
i love you, jcw.


the time is now

lately, a sense of urgency has been invading my heart and mind. i have been convicted of my lackadaisical attitude and my failure to realize that my time is limited, and consequently, i have to live as if there is no tomorrow. why do i get so caught up in the day to day grind of normal life that i miss the battle cry that is summoning me to bear arms and join in the crusade for the King of Kings? this is unacceptable.

if i get to the end of my life and i have not left a godly legacy, my life will have been in vain. i have already wasted enough time being concerned with the trivial, the earthly, the temporary things of this life. situations that i face throughout my day need to be approached with the mindset that THIS IS NOT ETERNAL. God has placed us on this planet to bring glory and honor to His name and to be a testimony of His love and grace. that's it. everything else should take a back seat. but, do i live this way consistently? i'm afraid not. God forgive me.

was Jesus radical? was he deemed a crazy person? did people understand His mission? i am supposed to be like Christ in all things. if my life is as closely aligned with Him as possible, people should look at me and think the same things as they thought about Christ 2000 years ago. refusing to blend in, denying myself and taking up my cross, rejecting the status quo of our generation, choosing truth instead of accepting compromise, should be the theme of the story of my life.

i am an ordinary girl striving to live an extraordinary life. my prayer is that the Lord will continue to cut away the excess baggage in my life in order for me to be free to run after him. the clock on the wall is ticking. i will not be left behind or come up empty handed. i've drawn my sword and officially labeled myself a radical, insane, lunatic Soldier of the Cross. who will come and join me? the time is now.

song of the day: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mFarUed5H3c&feature=PlayList&p=4C1E676EA1C40905&playnext=1&index=19


beauty on a budget

 i know we all wish we could look like jennifer anniston, with beautiful glowing skin, luscious locks, and pearly white teeth (not to mention the flawless body). HOWEVER,  most of us to do not have a million dollar plus budget to work with. well, you might, but i sure don't. i am here to tell you that it's possible to achieve some good results with a few products that come from a classy joint that you all have near you, no matter where you live: WALLY WORLD. ok, now pick up your jaws from the floor. i promise, wal-mart can be a one stop shop for your culinary and cosmetic needs.

living with two beautiful sisters has some major perks. you basically have someone to do your hair and makeup at all times. also, you have a few wardrobes to choose from. i wouldn't know about half of these products without their wonderful insight. shout out to kolson and kiemel lamb-my partners in...well, everything!

1. Skin: raise your hand if you have ever had a skin problem/issue. i see that everyone's hand is raised. you can be 12, 22, 32, 42, etc. and STILL struggle with your skin. trust me, i know how it is. i  am no dermatologist, but i can give you a few tips and suggestions to help improve the state of  your skin. first of all, always always always cleanse before bed. i know you're tired, but it's a must. there are several good cleansers on the market. neutrogena offers a wide variety that probably  includes one for your skin type. this will instantly inprove your skin. after cleansing, you can apply some apple cider vinegar (yes, you read correctly) if you struggle with  minor breakouts. beware of the slightly offensive smell. also, lemon juice is another suggestion if you have some minor red/purple spots and scarring. moving on to makeup application. i know a lot of people think that you have to coat your face in thick, liquid foundation. WRONG. it's best to cover your problem areas with maybelline super stay 24hr concealer and then apply a layer of  maybelline mineral power foundation. you can top it off with a layer of maybelline mineral power  bronzer for a sun kissed glow.

2. Eyes: captivating, enamoring eyes are a must for every makeup routine. i have tried shadow after shadow and still have not been able to find an ensemble that pleases me. what works the best for me is just black liner and LOTS of mascara. several coats are a must. start with curling your lashes. please take the time do this. it will open up your eyes in a big way! then line the top and bottom of your eyes with revlon's colorstay black eye liner. here's the clincher: line the inside rim of the bottom part of your eye. i promise this will give you amazing results. try it. next, apply a coat of loreal voluminous mascara. let it dry. then apply a coat of loreal telescopic mascara. this way you will have volume and length. after you let both of those dry, feel free to apply as many coats as you like! i usually do about two five more.

3. Lips: this is the department where i struggle! i cannot seem to get satisfied with any lip product. i need your help! please leave me some comments of your favorite lip stick/gloss/paste/stain/ink, etc!

hope you have found a useful suggestion in all of this nonsense. i'm not promising jenn anniston results, but i think you will be pleased. feel free to share any of your tips with me! coming soon: beauty on a budget-clothes edition. :)

p.s. i almost forgot BLUSH: maybelline expert wear blush is great! go for pink shades. stay away from brown shades. it's a rule.

soli deo gloria.


it is well

i have a lot on my mind. it's one of those times when i don't really know where to begin. i could ramble on and on with useless words that only skim the surface of the real issues at hand. how much is too much? isn't that an age old question. what can you say without saying more than you should? i need wisdom.

i believe in the sovereignty of the Almighty. i believe that He was, is, and is to come. if I could keep this at the forefront of my mind at all times, a lot of my problems would be avoided. instead, i choose to become bogged down with life's petty trials and end up immersed in an ocean of insignificant worry. instead of riding the waves with the skill of a california surfer, i am being pulled down by a powerful under current. i refuse to let this happen. i will not let my spirit be quenched  or the fire in my heart be put out. why should i?

there is truth in every bit of criticism. it's learning how to decipher the truth, learn from it, and push away the useless extra that proves to be a challenge. i tend to be an extremist. this can be both good and bad. taking things way too much to heart is one of my downfalls. because of this flaw, i can find myself on really high highs and very low lows. pleasing people is also of great concern to me. however, i'm learning more everyday that although God uses people to shape character in my life, my number one goal is to please Him. yes, i want to learn from criticism, but i want my eyes to remain fixed on running the race set before me.

not everyone that you meet in this life is going to love you, no matter how nice, beautiful, smart, talented, etc. you are. Jesus met with plenty of people in His life who harbored great animosity towards Him. as long as your life is in line with the Word, you have nothing to worry about. it's not about the situations you find yourself in, it's about your reaction to them. i am asking the Lord to fill my heart with love and compassion towards everyone i meet, regardless of their feelings about me. the joy of the Lord is my strength. with His help, i will choose to view the circumstances of my life as divinely appointed and make it my mission to give Him praise in some  ALL things. it truly is well with my soul.

 "If you love those who love you, what credit is that to you? Even sinners love those who love them.  And if you do good to those who are good to you, what credit is that to you? Even sinners do that. And if you lend to those from whom you expect repayment, what credit is that to you? Even sinners lend to sinners, expecting to be repaid in full.  But love your enemies, do good to them, and lend to them without expecting to get anything back. Then your reward will be great, and you will be sons of the Most High, because he is kind to the ungrateful and wicked. Be merciful, just as your Father is merciful." Luke 6:32-36

song of the day: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uAAsjzapuWs
the author penned this song after receiving a telegram from his wife that read "saved alone." his four daughters had drowned when their ship sank on its way to England. he left new york at once to join his distraught wife. however, he asked the captain to come notify him when they reached the same spot where the previous ship had sunk. after he had seen the burial waters of his daughters, horatio spafford returned to his cabin where he wrote the words to this famous hymn.


i survived a nyc cab ride

i love nyc. cliche, but true. the following is an account of our recent adventure in the big apple. our little southern family busted up in there with true class and a lotta laughs. definitely an affair to remember.

let me preface this story with one VERY important fact: i LOVE  hate to fly. i start to get nervous a few days before departure and usually don't settle down until we are safely on the ground. yes, i realize that it is the safest form of travel, but for some reason, i can't get that to register in my brain. consequently, it is a severe battle of mind vs. reality. mind usually wins. : o

airports greatly amuse me. you see all walks/forms of life. sometimes i feel as if the terminal is a whole world in and of itself. i mean, you see things there that you don't see anywhere else. i haven't quite figured out the reason for this phenomena, but i am working on it. here we are in baltimore during our layover. don't let my smile fool you.

don't you just love the person on the plane who comes and sits right in the middle of two people??? oh yeah, and don't forget the crying baby, the horrible body odor smells, the guy with his crack showing, and the snoring man. just a few of the many joys of flying.

another phenomena of the airport terminal is the random celebrity sightings that tend to occur. so, when i saw my girl sarah, i couldn't resist asking for a photo. she very graciously agreed.

just when i thought all my troubles were over after we landed safely at the laguardia airport, we stepped into a cab. PEOPLE OF AMERICA, THIS IS CRUEL AND UNUSUAL PUNISHMENT. how is a poor southern girl like me supposed to handle this insanity??? one driver thought it would be nifty to try and read a novel while driving us in the rain across manhattan. i must have aged twenty years that night. also, why do the cab driver ids look more like mugshots? um, scary.

stepping off the subway into times square is an unparalleled experience. although i have been to nyc once before, it still had a jaw dropping effect. we met some friends on our flight that we randomly bumped into out in the city. of course this called for a photo.

speaking of the subway, can i mention that if you are riding it around 1 am, it's probably going to be a bit sketchy? besides touching nostrils with the person next to you, you may receive some heckling. when a few rather interesting (i'm being kind) young men announced that there was more room on a jammed packed subway than there was in jail, an uneasiness started to settle in our stomachs. it got worse when they stated how much they loved blondes because golden hair was angel hair. never had kolson been more grateful for her brunette head.

the subway ride back into town the next morning was much more pleasant. my sisters looked like living dolls.

since we had limited time, mama d made the executive decision to do the red apple bus tour. good call mama d! we enjoyed seeing the sites of the city atop a double decker bus.

our first stop was chinatown. i must admit, i felt like a foreigner. i may have stuck out just a tiny bit. we ate at a delightful little restaurant located in one of the many basements of the region. i felt like i was in a suspense film going down the stairs to get inside.

when you're eating the sodium filled chinese food, it is of utmost importance that you don't get TOO thirsty.

one day, i am making a shopping trip only to nyc. that day will have to come when i have a few grand lying around waiting to be spent. get back with me in the year 2085. this store makes my heart skip a beat.

central park doesn't get old. it is a thing of beauty. i never cease to be amazed by God's creation and handiwork.

i would be remiss if i didn't mention the whole reason for our trip: TAPING A TV SHOW WITH DINO! for those of you who don't know, dino is a world renowned christian pianist. his show, the dino show, airs on tbn. we were extremely touched by his love for the Lord and desire to bring Him glory. His beautiful wife, cheryl, is also a wonderful, godly woman. together, this powerful couple is making a stand for our Lord. it was a privilege to be a part of their ministry. stay tuned for air dates!

we have seen firsthand, the sovereignty of God. He led us through times of trial and uncertainty into times of great joy. i do not know what tomorrow holds, but i know Who holds tomorrow. please pray for our family as we continue to seek His will for our lives. check out our website www.lambfamilymusic.com for more information and for our itinerary. visit our facebook page, the lamb family violin ensemble and become a fan!

coming soon: my sisters' and my favorite beauty products and summer styling suggestions.

song of the day: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FjjWJEeVpBw
i love love love broadway. we went to a charming diner in the city where the waiters and waitresses sang broadway songs for the customers. I WAS ENTHRALLED. of course i had to make a request. this is the song i selected. it is from one of my favorite shows: hairpsray.