30 minute lifechanger

i have decided to embark on a new journey. the jillian michael's 30 day shred journey. you all need know that I love hate to workout! seriously, like despise it. but, i know that i really should be concerned with my health, so i am stepping out on a limb here. wanna know why i chose this particular workout dvd? BECAUSE IT'S ONLY A 30 MINUTE WORKOUT!! great results in 30 minutes? sign me up please!

in just 30 short days, i will be looking exactly like jillian. pretty awesome, huh? stay tuned for more information and updated progress reports.

soli deo gloria.

song of the day: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nS4giqtbRBM


  1. Its a good workout I haven't finish a whole 30days, but its Great!!

  2. I hate to work out too. I'm curious to see how you like doing this. I'm bored with my elliptical and looking for something to add.

  3. I love yoga.. thats about it! I wish I was more motivated to work out! My new roomate works out soo much and has like evry work out video known to man. I have been thinking about trying some. You'll have to let me know how this works for you!