caution: read at your own risk

when i decided that my blog wouldn't just be about fashion, food, fab finds, and favorite things, but would include the Reason for my existence, i knew it could potentially garner some controversy or cause people not to read. why is Jesus so controversial? good question. He has been since the day He came to this earth over 2000 years ago. if we acknowledge that Jesus really is the Son of God, and that He is the only way to Heaven, we are excluding every other way that man has created to try and inherit eternal life. insert cricket noise. this view is far from popular and accepted. and i'm ok with that.

i would have been remiss in my blogging attempts if i failed to talk about the Creator of the Universe and His Son. like i said, its not what people want to read, it's not entertaining, and it's definitely not the cool thing to do, but do i care? not really. some people won't understand my heart very well because they don't know me. that's ok too. if you want to question something that i've said, challenge me, or simply offer your opinion, please feel free to do so. i try to make myself as clear as possible, but it is sometimes a futile attempt when communicating via a keyboard and words on a screen.

i am a flawed human being who is scratching and clawing out their way on this journey and learning new things on a daily basis by the grace of God. my heart is an open book, as you can see. i wish to share it with you knowing the risks that entails.

at this point in time, i am seeking employment at a non-profit organization, i.e. hannah home, turning point, the king's ranch, united way, etc. i need to know that i am making a direct impact every day and that in some small way, I am changing the world. no, it's not glamorous (and i love glamor), but as much as we have done  it unto the least of these, we have done it unto Him. and that's what's gonna count for eternity. if you know of any possible leads, ideas, or positions, please let me know.

maybe you can see where i am coming from a little better now. maybe not. and yes, i will continue to to talk about fashion, food, fab finds, and favorite things, but i wanted you to know where my ultimate treasure is, and know the Center of my focus.

let me hear from you. soli deo gloria.

song of the day: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=flm4xcOyiCo
so in love with this song. doesn't get any better than andy williams.


the face of Christ

i think most of us picture Jesus, as a clean, well-groomed, clothes nicely pressed kind of guy. i mean, He is after all, the Son of God. But the more I get to know the children of God, I am finding that maybe, just maybe, the face of Christ isn't as pristine as I thought.

 Jesus is manifested in the lives of believers all across the world. and a lot of those believers' faces aren't pretty. they are smudged with dirt and filth from the poverty infested lands that they inhabit-they are covered in sores and boils from the diseases that ravage their bodies-they are filled with pain and sorrow from the hardships that they are forced to endure-they are toothless and distorted from the lack of money for medical care-they are sad and lonely from the longing that they have to be loved. this, to me, is a more accurate depiction of the face of Christ.

my heart breaks as i realize how far off base i have been when thinking about my Savior. those gleaming, squeaky clean, million dollar faces are not at all what Jesus represented. He stood for the poor, the unlovely, the meek, the downcast, the rejected, the hurting people of the world. so why don't i?

my focus has been redirected. as i seek to become closer to Christ, i realize that i need to become closer to the people that He healed, comforted, and loved. i want my face to look like His.


kreme filled

the following post is going to be like a box of assorted doughnuts-some things you may like, some you may not. i am the essence of random, with likes an interests that range from normal to eccentric. this is ok with me. hopefully, you will find something that you enjoy.

i believe i have stated before that i am very much in love with the little m&m guys. they are absolutely adorable and thoroughly amuse me. so when i saw this little guy, i had to snap a quick photo!

while we are talking about candy, let me let you in on a little secret: boston baked beans are LEGIT! dude, i could eat several boxes. shhhhh, don't tell anyone. really, you should try them. like, now.
with fall just around the corner, i seem to be bombarded with emails about this season's latest trends. not that i mind this AT ALL, but it's slightly depressing when you can't afford to get it all. i think i may hold a fundraiser for a few items on my wishlist. :)

alabama football is right around the corner and i could not be more excited! i am so proud to not only be from the great state of alabama, but to be a graduate of THE university of alabama. as reigning national champs, we have a lot to live up to, but with nick saban on board, who can worry? we have the best of the best.

if you having been looking for a great lip product, i have finally discovered one that you will adore! my darling friend abi, shared this with me. it is fabulous. dior's lip glow will bring out the natural shade of your lips while leaving them silky smooth.

i am really struggling with patience right now. i feel like i'm at the foot of several mountains with all my gear in place, ready to begin climbing, but i don't know which mountain to choose. i want to pour my heart and soul into my career, knowing that i am making a difference in someone's life on a daily basis. am i off base in wanting to change the world? did God create us with a minimalist attitude? i think not.

i can't put God in a box, and I don't want to do that with myself either. my prayer is that i will continue to seek Him with my whole heart and that He will continue to enlarge my coasts.

also, i am learning what it means to be a true disciple of Christ. the error of my thoughts and ways are becoming so alarmingly clear. you must read david platt's book called radical. don't even start to come up with an excuse. it's cheap. you HAVE the time. go buy it now.

soli deo gloria.

song of the day: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h7M7cJ4DydQ
i love you, jcw.