beauty on a budget

 i know we all wish we could look like jennifer anniston, with beautiful glowing skin, luscious locks, and pearly white teeth (not to mention the flawless body). HOWEVER,  most of us to do not have a million dollar plus budget to work with. well, you might, but i sure don't. i am here to tell you that it's possible to achieve some good results with a few products that come from a classy joint that you all have near you, no matter where you live: WALLY WORLD. ok, now pick up your jaws from the floor. i promise, wal-mart can be a one stop shop for your culinary and cosmetic needs.

living with two beautiful sisters has some major perks. you basically have someone to do your hair and makeup at all times. also, you have a few wardrobes to choose from. i wouldn't know about half of these products without their wonderful insight. shout out to kolson and kiemel lamb-my partners in...well, everything!

1. Skin: raise your hand if you have ever had a skin problem/issue. i see that everyone's hand is raised. you can be 12, 22, 32, 42, etc. and STILL struggle with your skin. trust me, i know how it is. i  am no dermatologist, but i can give you a few tips and suggestions to help improve the state of  your skin. first of all, always always always cleanse before bed. i know you're tired, but it's a must. there are several good cleansers on the market. neutrogena offers a wide variety that probably  includes one for your skin type. this will instantly inprove your skin. after cleansing, you can apply some apple cider vinegar (yes, you read correctly) if you struggle with  minor breakouts. beware of the slightly offensive smell. also, lemon juice is another suggestion if you have some minor red/purple spots and scarring. moving on to makeup application. i know a lot of people think that you have to coat your face in thick, liquid foundation. WRONG. it's best to cover your problem areas with maybelline super stay 24hr concealer and then apply a layer of  maybelline mineral power foundation. you can top it off with a layer of maybelline mineral power  bronzer for a sun kissed glow.

2. Eyes: captivating, enamoring eyes are a must for every makeup routine. i have tried shadow after shadow and still have not been able to find an ensemble that pleases me. what works the best for me is just black liner and LOTS of mascara. several coats are a must. start with curling your lashes. please take the time do this. it will open up your eyes in a big way! then line the top and bottom of your eyes with revlon's colorstay black eye liner. here's the clincher: line the inside rim of the bottom part of your eye. i promise this will give you amazing results. try it. next, apply a coat of loreal voluminous mascara. let it dry. then apply a coat of loreal telescopic mascara. this way you will have volume and length. after you let both of those dry, feel free to apply as many coats as you like! i usually do about two five more.

3. Lips: this is the department where i struggle! i cannot seem to get satisfied with any lip product. i need your help! please leave me some comments of your favorite lip stick/gloss/paste/stain/ink, etc!

hope you have found a useful suggestion in all of this nonsense. i'm not promising jenn anniston results, but i think you will be pleased. feel free to share any of your tips with me! coming soon: beauty on a budget-clothes edition. :)

p.s. i almost forgot BLUSH: maybelline expert wear blush is great! go for pink shades. stay away from brown shades. it's a rule.

soli deo gloria.


  1. I'm trying the tips and products you suggested for eyes and feel so confident and put-together. My very chic grandmother said she wanted to try the eyeshadow I was wearing because my eyes looked so good. But I wasn't wearing any eyeshadow-- as you suggested, I let my new eyeliner and mascara stand alone. Thanks! And I want to know your tips on hair styling next!

  2. so glad you and your grandmother liked it! i'll try to post something about hair soon.:)

  3. Hi! :) So here's the deal. I've also had a few issues with my lips. I find that petroleum jelly before bed and lip balm before lip stain/stick/gloss does wonders. It hardly matters which brands you use (although I use MAC right now 'cause I get 'em for free from relatives) 'cause I encountered similar problems with different products before I decided to try this technique.

  4. thanks for the info! i will definitely try it.