the time is now

lately, a sense of urgency has been invading my heart and mind. i have been convicted of my lackadaisical attitude and my failure to realize that my time is limited, and consequently, i have to live as if there is no tomorrow. why do i get so caught up in the day to day grind of normal life that i miss the battle cry that is summoning me to bear arms and join in the crusade for the King of Kings? this is unacceptable.

if i get to the end of my life and i have not left a godly legacy, my life will have been in vain. i have already wasted enough time being concerned with the trivial, the earthly, the temporary things of this life. situations that i face throughout my day need to be approached with the mindset that THIS IS NOT ETERNAL. God has placed us on this planet to bring glory and honor to His name and to be a testimony of His love and grace. that's it. everything else should take a back seat. but, do i live this way consistently? i'm afraid not. God forgive me.

was Jesus radical? was he deemed a crazy person? did people understand His mission? i am supposed to be like Christ in all things. if my life is as closely aligned with Him as possible, people should look at me and think the same things as they thought about Christ 2000 years ago. refusing to blend in, denying myself and taking up my cross, rejecting the status quo of our generation, choosing truth instead of accepting compromise, should be the theme of the story of my life.

i am an ordinary girl striving to live an extraordinary life. my prayer is that the Lord will continue to cut away the excess baggage in my life in order for me to be free to run after him. the clock on the wall is ticking. i will not be left behind or come up empty handed. i've drawn my sword and officially labeled myself a radical, insane, lunatic Soldier of the Cross. who will come and join me? the time is now.

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  1. This is beautiful and absolutely true. I have been feeling the same way lately and just a few days ago a truly felt the blessing of god upon me..it was the most AMAZING feeling I have ever had..absolutely indescribable. I'm getting baptized tomorrow and reconfirming myself to walk Jesus' path and live this life right. I am officially joining you as a Soldier of the Cross! :)