"how great thou art"

don't you just love it when you have those moments where you know, without a shadow of a doubt, that you are exactly where you're supposed to be? that feeling of security is irreplaceable. that happiness is unparalleled. the center of God's will is the only place for me.

what a great weekend. here is a brief glance into the adventures of the lamb family. first of all, without fail, there always seems to be a monsoon whenever we have to travel. this weekend proved to be no different. with tornadoes in all the surrounding areas, we loaded the van and headed to sylacauga for our first event on saturday. yes, we thought we were going to be swept away in the storm much like dorothy's family in her house in kansas, but with much prayer, we made arrived at our destination safely. our fearless leader, mama d, braved the storm and drove that white mini van like never before. the wedding ceremony was a very touching event. after being diagnosed with breast cancer, the bride's mother passed away about a year ago. during a special commemorative slide show, we played "wind beneath my wings". i was unable to really look at the pictures for fear of completely losing my composure. but the spirit of Lord was in that place and the two were happily joined as one. may the Lord bless their new life together.

thankfully, the drive home proved to be much less traumatic. or so we thought. happily driving down the road, we were all busy chatting about the previous events and stating how much we enjoyed the wedding and how it had moved us all to tears. dad and our wonderful sound technician were supposed to be meeting us at the wynfrey with all of our other equipment for the next event that evening. so when pops called and informed us that there was no such event going on at the wynfrey, things started to get interesting. after a few phone calls, we realized that it was being held in tuscaloosa at the hotel capstone. uh oh. we put the pedal to the metal and ended up arriving in t-town just in time for another wonderful experience. whew. that was a close one!

our sunday was spent in jasper, alabama with some of the sweetest people on the planet. first baptist church of jasper is a church filled with the love of the Father, the grace of the Savior, and the fellowship of the Spirit. as my siblings and i were on stage making music together, God confirmed His love for me yet again. i felt His spirit and his loving arms wrapped around each of us. it is such a great privilege to be able to proclaim His goodness and might and speak of His glory and power. we end every performance with the Lord's Prayer and last night, during that song, i felt like i was being raptured into His presence. come quickly Lord Jesus.

on a side note, i got stuck in the back of the van. again. cue the nausea. HOWEVER, my sweet little angel (caleb) rode back there as well. i love it when he comes with us. he is an absolute joy and i am forever grateful for his selflessness and willingness to do whatever is asked (or not asked) of him.

i look forward to a week full of the wonder of our risen Savior. may my eyes stay fixed on the prize as i run the race and seek to do the will of the Father. how great He is.

random facts: i gave up diet coke. i'm trying to live a healthier lifestyle. the simple things in life fascinate me. one day, i want to live in a southern style plantation house complete with a garden, horses, and maybe a few chickens while still being a city girl. :)

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