bears or snakes?

it hit me yesterday, like a tsunami wave, the magnitude of what Christ did for us. i had a moment of total, intense gratitude for what my Savior did on that cross. a moment that i want to live in for the rest of my days. tears kept welling up in my eyes as i realized the horrific pain he endured. but more than anything, i wonder how much it hurt Jesus when the Father turned His face away because He couldn't look at the sin His son was shouldering. Christ was alone for the first time ever. our Savior and Lord was alone as he bled and died for the sins of the world. this breaks my heart.

however, for as much as my heart breaks in sadness over His death, there is a joy that surpasses that pain in knowing that He is alive. the resurrection of Jesus Christ forever changed the face of history. our Lord did not stay dead. His ministry did not end at the grave. He miraculously rose again on the third day and now lives and reigns with the Father. what other leader from all of the worlds' religions is still alive after dying? where is buddha? where is mohammad? they are dust. but our Leader is alive. our King is still at work in the hearts and lives of people every day, and is coming again. and He is coming SOON.

easter weekend in opp, alabama was a beautiful experience. spending time with the wilson family, riding four wheelers with caleb, playing with madie, and enjoying some wonderful southern food are just a few of the many pleasures of the trip. i am very grateful that God has orchestrated the events in my life and brought these wonderful people into it at just the right time. you all know by now how much I love Caleb. he has my heart forever. may God continue to bless him as He follows after Jesus with all of his might.

my sisters and i have been debating if we would rather try to get away from a bear or a snake. we thought long and hard about this. bears are really big and have huge teeth and claws, but a snake is so fast and sneaky and oftentimes deadly after one bite. this was the unanimous decision of what we would rather face:
hopefully, we won't see either animal in any of our journeys. :)

random facts: i absolutely love funions. i used to be very unorganized, but i'm actually getting organized and loving it. i lose EVERYTHING (i'm hoping the organization thing helps this). i like to sing and belt out songs like i'm celine dion or martina mcbride.

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