"get back up"

have you ever been knocked down so low that you don't think its possible to ever get back up? has your heart ever been ripped out of your chest? have you ever been completely humiliated and debased? has someone ever told you that you're no good at whatever you do? if you've ever experienced any of these things you know the destructive damage and hurtful scarring it creates. is it possible to recover? is it possible to get back up?

when something like that happens to you, your life seems like a train that has derailed. satan feeds off of the pain, and continues to haunt your mind with the replaying of the words/actions/circumstances that hurt you. so no matter how hard you try, you are frozen in that moment of time, with no ability to move forward. it's a never ending cycle of destruction. the black hole sucking you down is going at full speed with no chance of slowing down.

you can't live in a state of despair. you can't function with depression. you can't thrive with sorrow. you have to get back up. cliche, but true. the best thing about being in such a low state, is that you don't have to rely on any of your own strength. there is nothing YOU can do to help yourself. what a relief! all we have to do is stretch out our arms and allow God to lovingly pick us up and cradle us in His arms. i love being able to cry on His shoulder. i love being able to pour out my frustrations to Him. there is all the love we can fathom and then some in the arms of the Savior.

i've wrestled with the daunting challenge of erasing the voices in your head. i mean, its one thing to be able to get back up and move one, but its a whole different animal trying to get rid of the voices. what force is loud enough to cover the screeching cries of the devil and his workers? the Word of God. i am thoroughly convinced that the Scriptures is the only force strong enough to not only fight them, but defeat them. you can't walk around 24/7 with a Bible in your hand, but you can commit as much as possible to memory. hide His Word in your heart. fill your head with His promises. there is no room for satan in a mind full of Jesus.

recovery is a process. it doesn't happen over night. there will days that you stand strong and fight, and there will be days that you fall in despair. let Him fight for you. hide behind his armor. let Him shield you from the darts of the devil.

the only way someone can make you feel inferior is if you let them. the only way satan can win is if you let Him. trials can only be stumbling blocks if you let them. instead of viewing hurts as trip wires in the race that you are running, view them as hurdles that you must jump over and clear. God has given us that ability. USE IT.

"a set back is a set up for a great come back." the greatness of God is ours. we will rise to the top on the wings of His power.

take time to relish in persecution. joy in being slapped in the face. be glad when people humiliate and embarrass you. why, you ask? because then and only then, can you identify with the life and ministry of our Savior. i have never felt so close to Him than when I have taken part in His sufferings. i'm thirsty anyway, so bring on the rain.

must read: 2 CORINTHIANS 4

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  1. Thanks so much for this, girl! Great reminders. And so true! Keep running to Jesus! <3