15 rules of beauty & fashion

we are all made in God's image. that means we are all beautiful. however, it's always good to put our best foot forward, right? so here are some of my ideas for ways to optimize what God created.

1. always wear a smile. ALWAYS. what good is it doing to have cute clothes and a sad face? let people see the joy in your heart.

2. a blazer instantly improves an outfit. throw it on with skinny jeans and a printed tee for an edgier look or over a dress for a more sophisticated look.

3. just because something is designer doesn't mean it's cute or stylish. research items you like and know when to splurge and when to save.

4. don't be afraid to mix patterns and prints. this is an effective way to make you look "trendy" even with last year's clothes.

5. take risks when shopping. if you see something you would never try on, TRY IT ON. more than likely you will be surprised. in a good way.

6. believe that you can pull off trends, i.e. the current "boyfriend" look. out with the safe, boring mentality. be exciting and unique with your wardrobe (always within modesty and reason). however, if something really doesn't flatter your figure AT ALL, don't feel forced to wear it.

7. confidence is crucial. be happy in your own skin and show others that you are satisfied with the way God made you.

8. get a pair of skinny jeans (or two). if you are scared that your thighs are too big, go for a straight leg or SLIGHT (and i mean SLIGHT) boot cut. darker washes are more slenderizing.

9. out with all the solids. mix up your wardrobe with lots of fun prints. floral patterns and tribal prints happen to be really in this season.

10. a dress looks beautiful on anyone. celebrate your femininity. most body types look best in a length that hits a little above the knee. don't cut your leg off with a weird, below the knee dress UNLESS, it is tapered and fits snuggly. floor length maxi dresses are also a pretty, feminine look.

11. accessorize. take advantage of the scarf trend. they are so fun and will liven up a dull outfit. also, bold necklaces give a "chic' look instantly.

12. when in doubt, always belt. this gives a defined waistline and is a 5 lb. weight loss technique.

13. don't be afraid of heels. they do wonders for every woman's legs and give you that "glam" look. if you're tall, so what? enjoy your powerful presence.

14. up to date hairstyles automatically give you a fresh, modern look. instead of the always straight style, get out your curling iron and give yourself some beachy waves. OR, let your hair air dry for a change.

15. try tasteful makeup. experiment with neutral, peach, or pink tones that brighten your face instead of heavy, dark colors.

these are just some thoughts. they may work for you, or you may think i'm crazy. just remember, the beauty of the Lord is holiness. and holiness is the only way to achieve ultimate, lasting beauty.

if this doesn't touch you, i don't know what will. a great reminder that this world is only our temporary home. so smile, you have a bright future.

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  1. I'd def. be too big in skinny jeans, I've tried them on at Kohls and yeah couldn't get them above my thighs =P and I wear a 28" X 32"