"i was here"

why do we sell ourselves short so often? why don't we really believe that we can change the world? why are we convinced that our sphere of influence is so small and limited? ok, so maybe i sound like an unrealistic idealist. but i don't care. i am tired of seeing people (including myself) living with no real goals, or dreams or visions. have you ever wanted to do something great? have you ever wanted to be different than the thousands of people around you? i mean really stand out as a unique person with a special purpose? i know i have. what good are you doing in life if you are content to be just like everyone else going through the same boring daily routines-never doing anything out of the ordinary-never striving to do something greater-never longing to make an impact?

you can do this. you don't have to settle for mediocrity. God has created you, yes YOU with individual abilities that no one else has. who else in this whole world has your smile, or your heart? no one does. we spend most of our time limiting God on what He can and can't do. it just hit me again the other day how infinitely powerful God is. he created the universe. that alone should blow you away. i know i don't realize His greatness enough. but don't you think that if He took the time to create you, He wants to use you?

instead of limiting God, lets get rid of our boundaries and give Him total control to blow the lid right off of our lives. i know complete abandonment of any control is SCARY. but do we really think we can handle our lives better than he can? that's like telling nick saban we could run his football team better than he does. LAUGHABLE.

doesn't the thought of changing the world make you excited? you should feel it in your toes! at the risk of sounding shallow and cliche, "let go and let God." but really do it this time. pry your white knuckles off of that steering wheel. why should you be the one driving if you have no idea where you are going, and frankly, don't even know how to drive? move over. there is far less stress in the passenger's seat.

this should inspire you to get up and do something. no matter what it is.

a few random facts: simply lemonade is DELICIOUS. i love being the first car at the light (probably not a good thing). i don't know how i functioned before text messages. i would love to be a judge on american idol.

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