carrie, will you be my friend?

i've decided that if i ever become famous, carrie underwood is going to be my celebrity bff. i love her. she has a beautiful voice and her songs are so inspiring. we are definitely a match made in heaven. if she ever reads this, she will more than likely be creeped out.

so spring break has begun and we are headed to gatlinburg to play for a most unusual event. are you ready for this? we are playing for the national santa claus convention. crazy, right? i didn't even know such a thing existed! but, we are very excited to see the different santas from all across the nation (and a few international ones as well i think). they have been extremely warm and jolly and we can only look forward to more fun as we bring a little music to their jingle bell ball. : )

i have been sleeping in this green mask the past few days. yes, the image you just saw in your head was accurate. pretty scary. but it is supposed to wonders for your skin, so of course i gave it a try. i'll keep you updated.

when we were children, we would get ten dimes at the start of every road trip. every time we asked "are we there yet???", one was taken away. i ALWAYS had all ten dimes at the end of the trip. kim on the other hand, was lucky to have two dimes left to her name. i usually spent mine on rock candy when we stopped at a local cracker barrel. typical chunky kid. now that we are all grown up, i think we should get ten, ten dollar bills. i'm done with the rock candy. bring on a boutique.

caleb is going back to his hometown of opp, alabama for a few days. we have a bit of separation anxiety. somewhere within the first month or so of us dating, we became inseparable. it's been our goal to do better about being apart, but it never works very well. however, his family is absolutely wonderful, and i know they are excited about having him home for a week. i'm going to be especially grateful for text messages these next few days. i won't say how many we send back and forth. pretty sure it's illegal.

i get easily frustrated with bama basketball. winning is so much better than losing. so, caleb and i decided to watch the 2009 SEC championship football game again last night to make us feel better. IT WORKED.

ok, i better finish packing (gotta make sure i don't forget the mask). praise Him from whom all blessings flow on this blessed Sunday. to God alone be the glory.

her voice is so unique. you'll fall in love, i promise.

random facts: i adore chai tea. it tastes like the holidays. i could eat sushi several nights a week. bright colored shoes are my favorite. i can't get enough of college football.

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