the start of something new.

what do you say on your very first blog? do you gush about how great your life is, or vent about your miseries and failures? i have no idea. but i'm happy to be here. and i have absolutely no clue as to what this blog is going to entail. i think that is part of the excitement, though- random posts about whatever is on your mind and the current circumstances that surround you. i know one thing for sure: i am completely blessed. every day is a constant reminder of how unworthy i am and how worthy God is. if only i could learn to trust him more. that's my goal for this year-more trust. seemingly a very simple task, but in reality, very challenging. i'm feeling up to a good challenge, so this should be interesting.

i cant publish my first post without mentioning some of the most important people in my life that will be constant fixtures in this blog. caleb and my family. caleb. sighhhhhhhhhhhh. just typing his name makes me smile. really, he is incredible. cliche, sappy, and cheesy, but i don't even care. my life will never be the same because of him. the end. funniest guy ever. i used to think humor was not critical element of someone's personality. i was wrong. i have never laughed or loved more. his heart is beautiful. his love is unconditional. his touch is gentle. i'm so glad God saved him just for me.

the family. where do i start? my parents are super heroes. no, really. they are. they instilled in us a love for the Lord that can never be taken away. mom is so cute. i love her style. she has just discovered the world of scarves and is looking fabulous wearing them. pops is precious. entirely too funny. i laugh at all of his jokes. sweetest man in the world. the sisters. wow. my best friends. crazy as run over dogs but as wise as old men. they are strong, beautiful, intelligent women that i admire very much. and bro. my little baby. just got his braces removed. can we say ecstatic teenager? i love him. we wont mention the animals. most of them are not in my good graces right now.

today is the start of something new and will hopefully turn into the creation of something great. it's all about the journey. and i'm ready to begin.

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