puppy love

never, ever go to the pound unless you are prepared to take home every pitiful animal at the shelter. those of you who know me well are aware of the fact that i am not really an "animal lover." i'm not inhumane or cruel, but little critters don't exactly make my world go 'round. however, when caleb and i went to the pound yesterday, my heart broke into a million pieces. all i could think about was that disturbing animal abuse commercial where sarah mclachlan sings "angel" and you are crying by the time it's over. as we walked through the doors, we saw those poor little dogs all in their cages, all with the same "please love me" faces. i could hardly handle the sight. every single dog had a unique face, shape, and demeanor. but they all had the same pleading eyes that cut right through your soul. i don't think i am going to be returning to the pound for quite some time.

i really just don't witness enough. and this bothers me. how can i keep silent when i have been given the gift of eternal life? my prayer right now is that the Lord will give me more boldness to openly share with anyone and everyone. i want the power of the Holy Spirit to work through me and draw people to the cross of Christ. His wounds have not only paid my ransom. break my heart oh God, for the billions of people who are dying without your Son. may all who see my life find Him in me.

can't help but love this one. :D

random facts: you can catch me in a white tee, nike shorts, and chacos most days, even though i absolutely love fashion. i wish i was more athletic. i talk too much. oatmeal cream pies should be illegal.


  1. Witnessing is an important aspect of being a believer. Don't feel guilty if you think you're not doing it enough; my opinion is that God doesn't want us to go out and hunt those opportunities down but that He will constantly provide them to you and you'll already know that's what you're supposed to be doing. At least, that's been my own experience. I'll pray for you that God gives you people to witness to and that you'll know it when you see it.


  2. We have 2 dogs (an extremely large Great Pyrenees and an extremely small Papillon), 2 cats (one weighs about 20 lbs) and a Beta fish that has outlived Methuselah. That does not include time spent in the past breeding Great Danes and Poodles. (Don't ask me about the conflict in sizes...talk to Sheri about that). Suckers for pets...you bet. And how in the world can you justify outlawing Nick Saban's favorite snack???????

  3. Karis, I cannot even watch a dog food commercial without the desire for a puppy. I couldn't even imagine what I would be like after going to the pound. (I think that's why Eric won't take me!)

    "Preach the gospel and when necessary use words." - St. Francis of Assisi
    Heard the above quote during a sermon not too long ago, and thought it would be appropriate for you here :) Hope everything is going well!!

  4. Two of my girls cry during those animal commercials too. Heartbreaking.
    Agree with you about witnessing. I feel the same way about myself.:(

  5. it just made my day to see everyone's comments! glad people are reading it. :)

  6. Karis,

    You are a very strong willed person to make it out of the pound without a puppy or dog tucked under your arm.

    I hope one day you will be all settled and not so busy and can be a Mom to a little one in need of a good home. Your day will come.
    God Bless you and your wonderful family for all you do and the joy you bring to so many.

    Mrs. Claus