beachin' it

call me scrooge, but i really don't enjoy chasing after little white crabs late at night on the beach. i mean, what's the point? you don't keep them and they are not much to look at. if you ask me, it's ridiculous. i know, i'm horrible.

i wish i was one of those girls who LOVED laying out-the ones who get out there at ten and last til' six. i'm hot/bored after thirty minutes. ocean breaks are a must. it's the only way i can stay on the beach for several hours. i do, however, LOVE my new jcrew paisley bathing suit. let me just throw this out there: always get a strapless top. there is no reason you should have tan lines.

we went to dippin' dots monday night. they are now serving dotquakes. watch out people. they are 6 bucks!

another thing, it's really hard being at the beach with two sisters who have the bodies of grecian goddesses. i try to just ignore it and have a good time, but who can compete with two sets of six packs? oh well.

at the beach, there is always the need to rent a movie. great source of entertainment and fairly inexpensive. so, after spending a fortune on the dotquake, bro, caleb, and i set out to find a movie store. however, after covering ALL of orange beach and gulf shores, we still couldn't find a single movie store. LAME. in desperation, we pulled into cobb theaters and asked if there was a movie rental store within a 25 mile radius. we were informed that there was ONE place in all of gulf shores/orange beach. the place was called just books, but oh yeah, they had movies too! weird.

ok, athena and aphrodite are rushing me, so i better run. more to come later.

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