tis' so sweet

don't you wish you could get an email, or a text, or any kind direct communication from God? i'm at that point in my life. i need some direction. there are so many different roads you can choose to travel in this life, but i am only interested in going down the highway to heaven. God, show me the way.

i know in my heart of hearts what i want to do with my life. i've known this since i was 12 years old. however, i'm not sure how to bring my goals to fruition. if i choose a certain outlet, the results could either be horribly wrong or amazingly right. once again, Lord i need you.

lack of trust is an issue in my life. i find myself questioning and worrying about my future all too often. and then i seem to hear the Holy Spirit say, do you think i'm not capable of planning your life? God forgive me. His thoughts are not my thoughts, nor are His ways my ways.

i want to change the world. no ifs, ands, or buts. that is my life's goal. no matter where He leads, no matter the circumstances, no matter the costs, i am following after my Savior. then, and only then, will my life have direction.

since i'm probably not going to be getting a text from God anytime soon, i think i'm gonna lay out the fleece. figuratively, that is. i am completely confident in His ability to communicate with His child. i'm only worried about my ability to listen. still my heart, Father. quieten my soul. make Your will visible to Your servant. oh for grace to trust You more.

random facts: i love sugar entirely too much. i wish i loved to workout. i am low in the patience department. vintage photography is my fave.

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