small town, usa

i have come to believe that if our nation is going to rise to greatness again, it is going to start with the people of the small towns. although bashing these towns and its values is the current trend, the people who inhabit their soil will remain undaunted. we need to return to the small town, usa mentality that shaped our nation and helped create the massive entity that it is today.

small town values are most often, closely aligned to the Bible. they believe in God and country and are not afraid to fight for those beliefs. they prioritize family and will stand by their friends with unfailing loyalty. aligning themselves with conservatism, they hold true to the original laws of our land established by the founding fathers-laws that were designed to protect freedom and solidify liberty and justice for all.

why do these beliefs receive such harsh criticism in our nation today? why are the people that hold them deemed as ignorant bigots? the answer is simple. society is no longer interested in the judeo-christian principles on which our nation was founded. if we acknowledge that there is indeed a God, it means that we must in turn, be accountable to Him for our actions. People, by and large, would rather live their life the way they see fit and not be bothered by a God who may be evaluating their actions. this is why we see the massive amounts of crime and unethical practices that are becoming a staple in every day life. think about it, how did abortion, the MURDER of an unborn child, become acceptable??? no matter the angle from which you approach it, taking the life of an unborn child is wrong. And why is it now against the rules for a teacher to lead a classroom in prayer? Is God really that offensive? no. but His way of life is. society is determined to shut out any semblance of the truth of Jesus Christ. With a Godless nation in place, anything and everything is acceptable, and sin can run its full course.

God has preserved small town, usa for Himself. these people are going to be the saving grace of our nation. this is not to say that there are no good people in large metropolises. there are. however, the bulk of people with these beliefs and values can be found in rural and small america. i am very proud to be from tuscaloosa, alabama-a small town filled with big hearted people committed to the preservation of the TRUTH. may the Lord continue to use us to further His kingdom.

random facts: my heart is in politics. stilettos make my outfits feel complete. i have the most adorable boyfriend in the world.


  1. I think you should be a writer! Miss you at work!

  2. Karis, I saw your blog posted on FB - thanks for sharing your sweet sweet heart, among many other gifts you have, you are a wonderful writer!!!! I have enjoyed reading and learning more about you!!!! You are truly beautiful, both inside and out. My SIL, Ellen, and I are hosting Beth Moore's Esther Bible Study this summer on Thursday nights at her house. I know you probably have other outlets for BS, but if you don't, we'd love for you and your sisters to join us!!!!